Holiday Project - Gingerbread Ornament

As Seen on Carol Duvall's Christmas Holiday Workshop

Materials: 1 - 1 1/4" Wooden Ball
1 - 2" Wooden Flower Pot
2 - 5/8" wooden Beads
12" Twine
1 - Ribbon Rose
6" of 1" lace
Brown, black, white acrylic
1 - Small Eyelet Screw

Body and Head


Paint Flower Pot and Head
with Brown Paint. Paint feet
with black paint. Paint
white wavy line around
face and bottom of pot.
Paint eyes and mouth with black.
Tie 6" piece of twine
in knot in center (arms & hands),
glue to top of pot, form circle
with lace, glue to top of pot, glue head to top of pot.
Thread beads onto 6" piece of
twine, tie knot in
each end of twine, fold twine in half
glue into flower pot. Add ribbon
rose, if desired, to front of lace.
Screw eyelet into head, thread with
twine, for hanging ornament.
Gingerbread can be used as a shelf
sitter, or tree ornament
Add piece of red felt, instead of
lace, to make gingerbread boy.
Use small wooden pot and small
bead, glue pin back to figure for
cute holiday pin.

Kit to make two (2) Gingerbread
ornaments available from
Clever Creations (see Order Form).
Kit includes supplies to make
to make one girl and one boy
ornament. Kit is $10.95

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